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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Uni classroom etiquette

Posted on Wed, Mar 24, 2010 at 5:42 PM

Hey obnoxious douchebags, you may think you have somewhere more important to be than in class, but at least when you are in class during the scheduled time, please refrain from any of these things that disrupt and show disrespect to your peers and professors:

—If a class is scheduled to end at 1:30, don't start packing up at 1:25 and earlier, especially when the professor is still professing. It's so rude. You make so much noise fucking around for your bookbag and zippin' shit up that it disrupts everyone around you. Plus, you look like you don't value the information that is being told to you, which is usually important. Wait until the professor has ENDED class.

—Turn off your fuckin' cellphones and don't text in class. Profs can see everything you are doing while they're in front of you, you are being rude. On that same note, if you are in an elevated classroom (ie, an arena style) don't surf the web, everyone behind you can see it, and believe it or not, ARE DISTRACTED BY IT, and are not listening because of it.

—When you are given back a marked assignment/essay/lab, don't read it in class in front of your professor. THiS is not so much rude but a matter of etiquette. You should take your marked work away and read over it thoroughly before you confront your professor about your grade. If it's a bad grade, give it a little while before you speak to your professor, and read your work closely bcuz you probably deserved exactly what you got, and you should realize that before you speak to your professor about it. You should also be calm when you do so.

—DON'T EAT FUCKING SUBWAY SANDWICHES IN A LECTURE! Or any loud (crinkly paper, crunchy apples) or strong-smelling foods in the middle of a class. Does this one even need explanation?

University might be a marketplace and you are a consumer, but it is also an environment of higher education, and there are people in your community who are very serious about what they do. Stop being a rude and obnoxious student. If you're that bored in class, stay the fuck home or drop out, don't ruin it for the people who actually give a shit about what is going on and respect the time and knowledge of their professors. —Waste Your Own Time, Not Everyone Else's

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