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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

"Other duties as assigned" my ass

Posted on Wed, Mar 24, 2010 at 12:22 PM

I sent you an email outlining the "other duties as assigned" that you have piled on me since I started, and why it is impossible for one person to handle them. Since you always say "come with solutions, not problems," I outlined the ways that our department can reorganize (with very little effort and ZERO expense), to make sure that critical items don't get missed, and that you won't have to continue to pay me overtime for working 12-15 hour days.

I have explained that in addition to these "other duties," two of the other staff are using me as a secretary, and if they would just start pulling their own weight, SOME of this problem would go away. You say you are aware that they are doing this, and will "speak to them" because they have not been doing their jobs for "quite some time now."

As soon as you returned from your THIRD vacation in less than a month, we have a department meeting, none of the issues get addressed, and seeing as how none of them were put on the agenda, I can't even bring them up! When I dicsuss this with you, you tell me you'll "get (me) a raise."

I know you bitchers are going to jump on my ass for this one, but it's NOT about the money! I don't want a raise, I don't want to find another job, I really like this one, and apparently, from all interested parties, I am excellent at it. I'd just like a little LESS of it.

I shouldn't have to copy and paste peoples' emails or do their filing, or call their customers, or any of the other parts of THEIR job descriptions I have had to do because MY job hinges on these tasks being done. I have my own tasks to do. I'd like to see my kids before they have kids of their own! —I Don't Want a Raise, I Want to See My Family

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