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Monday, March 22, 2010

The fall of modern music

Posted on Mon, Mar 22, 2010 at 1:17 PM

Dear music industry,

What are you thinking? Like seriously though, music has turned into a cesspool of terrible no-talent, degrading and just plain horrible music. Every time I turn on the radio nowadays I want to take a cheese grater to my earlobes. When you start signing 100s of bands that have the exact same sound, you know you're doing something wrong. I was listening to modern rock radio the other day, I hear about six songs and I honestly thought it was just a sneak peak preview for a new Nickelback CD, when I figured out that it was six different bands I almost threw up in my mouth.

Auto-Tune is the worst thing that ever happened to music. Any moron with a microphone and a computer can go on FL studios, make a mediocre beat, throw Auto-Tune on their voice and have a new top of the Billboards song. T-pain did the Auto-Tune app for the iPhone, he even says in the video for it “if you can’t sing, put Auto-Tune on your voice and you can sound just like me!” isn’t that kind of admitting he has no talent? I find it funny when these morons play live without the Auto-Tune they sound beyond horrible.

Modern rock, how much longer can bands rip off Pearl Jam and Nirvana? I’m sorry to say, but they’ve milked that sound dry by now. Everyone has that same yearrh voice, sounds like they're gargling mayonnaise. All the songs are the same three cords, with a variation of shitty little riffs in the middle, singing about how their girlfriend left them and how badass they are. Can anyone really tell the difference between bands like Theory Of a Dead Man, Nickelback, Puddle of Mud, Creed and Default. I know I can’t.

All in all, I think that bands on the radio should be original and instead of people writing songs that sound like all the other songs that are on the radio. They should grow a set and try something new. The underground music scene is thriving with bands that are so underestimated by the general public who have actual passion for the music and real emotion. I don’t understand why people with talent, a good message and integrity in their music must remain in the underground scene. —Jayson LeMoine, a real musician


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