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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

First and last trip to a pet shop

Posted on Tue, Mar 2, 2010 at 12:56 AM

This past Saturday my fiance, our twin girls and I decided to go to a pet shop after one of our daughters asked if we could go. We ended up at one in Burnside.

What an eye-opener—those poor dogs held in those small, dirty glass boxes with no food and no water, rolling around in their own filth. I noticed on one of the kennels that the date of birth of two of these dogs was October 6, so that means these "puppies" have been held in these glass kennels for at the very least three months. That is sickening.

We also noticed that a puggle puppy was bleeding as he attempted to excrement, so sad. I chose to push my feelings of the conditions aside until after we left the store (as to not cause a scene) until the icing on the proverbial cake happened: One of the employees looked to be in a rotten mood but how he treated my 10-year-old daughter was uncalled for.

This "man" was in behind the kennels finally giving the dogs water after another customer complained. My daughter was watching the puppies reaction to getting water and to the human contact (I was on just down the aisle looking at other dogs at the time). While she was watching the "man" yelled at her through the glass and said, "If you don't fucking stop watching and following me I am going to stop fucking giving them water."

Imagine that? To say the least I went up one side and down the other of this fellow and made sure this did not happen again. I am told he was rude only moments before to another customer, and shortly before we arrived he was also rude to someone else. I am told this "man" has been fired.

Now I would like to see a change in the conditions that these animals have to live in. Have these poor dogs ever seen the light of day? Do they know what it is like to run around and play? Do they know what real human interaction is? I am afraid the answer to all of these questions is probably no. —Heather Mercer

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