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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

CTV SUCKS! An Open Letter to CTV Regarding their Olympic Coverage.

Posted on Tue, Feb 16, 2010 at 8:42 AM


I just wanted to let you know that you are ruining my Olympic experience. Your coverage is amateur and often confusing. Here are some points that would make my experience better.

1. Please ensure you have announcers that are qualified to actually announce. The figure skating commentary was just awful.

2. SHOW THE ENTIRETY OF THE MEDAL CEREMONIES!!! It was two days before I even SAW a medal. CBC always did a little peice on the medal itself. Showing what it looked like, how it was produced, etc.

3. Let us know when we are watching live coverage and when we are watching taped coverage. Perhaps 'Taped Earlier" in the corner of the screen or something. I'm sure you can figure it out.

4. I was watching Men's Moguls Qualifying, and you didn't even have the times they completed their run on the screen, and your commentators didn't comment on it! This is an important part of winning or losing!!! Please don't ever miss something that is vital to scoring the event again. If it is part of the scoring, your announcers need to comment on it, and you need to have it (if possible) on the screen.

5. Videography and direction. You seem to have an annoying habit of changing camera angles at important parts of the run. Just be still! Less direction is often the best direction. Find someone that is experienced (More experienced) at directing live sports events. The luge coverage was terrible. Too many cut aways.

6. Tell me what I'm watching, and what I'm missing. Tell me about the other events that are going on. Help the viewer understand the Olympic Schedule. Do not use the words "Later Tonight". Use the actual time the event is going to be on.

7. The TV personalities are terrible!! I WANT TO KNOW ABOUT THE SPORTS AND ATHLETES!! I don't want to know that Nelly Furtato played; I don't want to know what random athletes are tweeting, I don't want to hear what the commentators are thinking, and I don't care if some guy drapes himself in a flag or not, certainly not naked. Additionally, those two comedians on the couch, reading Tweets, are just embarassing. Thank GOD for your one saving grace, Lloyd Robertson!!!

I understand that you went to NBC to discover how they did the Olympics. Did you forget? We are Canadians!

CBC used to re-run pre-recorded events that weren't shown live. That was a great idea. Then you could see stuff that you missed because you were working, or asleep, or watching another event live. CTV is all about the LIVE experience, which is a terrible. I like live tv, but instead of filling time when there are no events running with inane chatter and hot-tub parties, you should actually show events that have been recorded, or important events that some Canadians might have missed due to conflicting schedules. For more ideas on how to improve your coverage, please Google "CTV Olympic Coverage sucks". Thank you for your time.

---Bring Back CBC Olympic Coverage, Signed a Die-hard Olympics Watcher.


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