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Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Posted on Tue, Feb 9, 2010 at 12:06 PM

So I've tolerated Lady Gaga. I've tolerated Kris Allen and Adam Lambert. I've tolerated every machine-made, metallic, soulless spawn of the record companies and their ilk thus far. But here, HERE, is where I draw the line. The motherfucking line. Right here. How this anathema ever made it to the radio is lightyears beyond me. It is the most elementary piece of dross I have ever had the displeasure to let grace my ears, which happen to bleed profusely at the very onset of this din. It is the ossified by-product of satan's flatulence. It is the stool in the bowels of the music industry - the very kind of churned out, digested oatmeal that will make 2012 come two years early, turn Chuck Norris into a woman, and make Jesus a homosexual leprechaun. It will also bring Billy Mays back from the dead, and trust me, we don't want that.

So radio MC's, DJ'S, PJ's - all of you - I beg you from the bottom of my acid burnt heart, I plead with you with the unremitting snivel of a 12th century serf, I beseech you like a nun trapped in a Brazilian discothéque: Purge your databases of this monstrosity before I pull a Chris Crocker to 8th power on my own behalf. I will do it. You won't like it.


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