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Monday, November 30, 2009

Why don't you pick on a polluter your own size?

Posted on Mon, Nov 30, 2009 at 12:41 PM

"Do you realize you have NO reflectors, NO lights.... are you looking to get killed?" Thanks for asking you old moron. Maybe I don't have any lights on my bike but I do have reflectors and a big bright yellow milk crate on the back. If you can't see that with your headlights and all the bright lights of Barrington Street, you need to get a new glasses prescription, cause I'm not the only one looking to get killed. Sorry I can't really afford some bright flashing lights, but first I'm saving up for a helmet after my other one broke. And then maybe a new bike with brakes that work. Why do you think I'm riding this 8+ year old piece of crap anyway? Mutter as you drive away, "stupidest people..." I dunno about you but I'm not the one who's a 60-year-old delivery boy, driving a big gas guzzler van. How bout next time you want to speak your mind on a green light in an INTERSECTION at RUSH HOUR on one of the BUSIEST STREETS IN HALIFAX you think about WHY I may be riding unsafely and keep your mouth shut. How bout you buy me some nice shiny flashing lights? I wouldn't mind. So I'm poor. ECUUUUUUSE ME.
---Unsafe not by choice

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