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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Christmas Parade Smackdown!

Posted on Sun, Nov 22, 2009 at 6:22 PM

Why is it that when people have children they become total assholes to the people around them? Last week it was some dude with his kid shoving his way through the crowd at Grand Parade and this week it's a group of rude parents at the Christmas Parade.

I'm standing at the curb on Spring Garden, minding my own business and quite happy with my situation, peacably taking pictures of the parade and two tiny teenage girls are standing to my right, slightly further out than me. There was still lots of space in front of us for people to sit but we were all being pushed forward onto the street by the huge crowd.

Then some bitch goes up to the teenage girls and starts harassing them to move or sit down on the road so her kids sitting on the curb about a metre to their right and slightly behind could have a bloody panoramic view of the parade. The girls, being younger, didn't really know what to say to the woman. Obviously if they moved back into the crowd of six foot plus men they'd absolutely not be able to see at all and if they had crouched down they wouldn't be able to see over the people pushed out to the left of us.

The woman kept harassing the girls for a few moments and I couldn't keep my mouth shut. I explained to her that we had been steadily pushed forward and there was no place for any of us to go. She kept up the harassment and started yelling at us and I told the girls to ignore her. I turned back to the parade and the woman finally went back to her spot where she proceeded to curse us out, talking about having to look at our asses. I couldn't take it anymore and turned around and told her she was ruining the parade for everyone around us. And then her and her friends started yelling at me that I causing a fight in front of their precious children! I was totally flabbergasted. The women continued to berate us (in front of their kids) while I told them that they started it and I was just trying to watch the parade!

Seriously, there was MORE than enough room for your kids to sit in front of us. Some cool dude actually came up a short while later and planted his two kids down in front of us. It was perfectly fine. The dude was also really funny, keeping a running commentary of the parade going.

Just because you bring your kids to a parade with thousands upon thousands of spectactors doesn't mean they're going to get a full 180 degree view of the parade. I'm not purposely going to stand in front of your kids but you need to take a look at the full picture. Other people can't move and your kids don't need to see the whole view of the street to enjoy the parade!

Also, seriously HRM, get some proper barriers for parades, for the whole route. People were halfway out into the street and the one poor police officer in front of us was having a hell of a time keeping the crowd back.

---Parade Goer

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