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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

time to open our eyes and see the discrimination

Posted on Tue, Nov 17, 2009 at 9:16 AM

and im not talking about people. this is about dogs.

i recently was looking over the tenants rights of canada (not nova scotia) and it says landlord cannot declare apartment complexes as non dog housing, a landlord must determine if a certian dog is not right for the apartment, and take it to court and prove the allegations

when i called some friends in other cities they all complied that this is the way it is always done, my toronto friend was in absolute shock when he found out dogs arn't welcome on the metro transits, even ferry.

nova scotia is so ass backwards, whilst apartment hunting, your lucky to find one apartment or even rented house out of 100 that will not only take a dog but will meet with the dog beforehand

it is a huge slap in the face to here that while my dog may be excellent and trained and supervised constantly he had one tenat with a dog and it ruined it for everyone,

that is bullshit. not to mention that all these places that say no to dogs always say yes to kids, which are more destructive than most dogs.

in nova scotia it is law that all landlords can say no to dogs and it is up to a person to prove this law to be unjust.

yet there are over 20,000 dogs registered in hrm this year. where are they all living? im tired of seeing no dogs or dogs under 20lbs (my cat weighs more than that for fucks sake).

it has been an ignorance that has been tolerated for far to long. and im not moving into a slumlord run apartment which is what i was lucky to have found thus far with my dog, in a very unsafe nieghbourhood. its just really fair and unjust. i guesse thats the piont i was trying to make.

---my dog doesnt want to be homeless

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