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Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Posted on Tue, Oct 27, 2009 at 9:53 AM

Mkay, you know what I'M sick of?? You know what I'm REALLY SICK OF?? Not rogue bicyclists, or fat people, or kay's rock star husband, or carrots, or the loud-ass motorcycles and fog horns that wake people up in the morning, or drunk people sucker punching other drunk people, or the one guy that accidentally bumps into that one chick who gets pissed because she's too hot to be bumped into, or that the Metro sucks balls, or harbour smells like used tampons, or nihilists, or that snobby waitress that didn't get enough tips, or beggars/vagrants, or that youmakemetouchyourhandsforstupidreasons, or irritating students on the south end, or that my coffee took too long to make, or people's lack of salting the damn driveway, or EVEN that I can't even get a decent puppet/marionette show in the oh-so-fucking-friendly city of Halifax.

No. I can deal with that. What really fucking makes my blood boil is that I like to check my news on the TV and New York times website daily for goings-on in the world, and every fucking day I have to digest the fact that a roadside bomb killed 200 plus people in Pakistan, or fifty more troops died in some obscure area outside Kabul, or Baghdad is seeing the most suicide bombings since this past March. I'm sick of it. I really am. I just want all of us to get along.


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