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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Qualified, Schmalified, gimme a damn job!

Posted on Tue, Oct 20, 2009 at 7:15 AM

I signed up with a temp agenecy because I need money. I went through the interview process, they have my resume, and they have what hours I am available.

They tell me they have "all kinds of stuff" they can post me on. I say "Awesome"because I have bills to pay and kids to feed". I say "send me whatever you have, I need the work".

Then nothing. Nada. Zip. For over three weeks.

So, I call. I ask "Where are all these postings you said you had for me?"

They say "Well, you're overqualified for most of what we have, so we haven't bothered to contact you."

Which part of "I need the work" do you not get? I could understand if I said "send me the things I am qualified for", or if I was looking for something in my field, but I was very clear about the "whatever you have" part.

Jesus, I can work for 2 weeks digging a ditch if I have to! I registered with an agency to help me get over the hump while I wait for something because I don't want to take a permanent job and then quit because something better comes along!

And to mke things more annoying, they apparently have a clause in the paperwork that says you can't be registered with another temp agency while you're with THEM. I guess I should have read the damned thing...

---About to break a contract in order to get one...

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