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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I don't need to know EVERYTHING...

Posted on Wed, Oct 7, 2009 at 1:38 PM

Ok, I get that bad things happen to people. I get that sometimes the law doesn't work immediately, and that frustrates people.

And I get that in our instant-gratification-based society, some people feel the need for a solution immediately, but WTF is up with posting inflammatory crime-related remarks on your Facebook wall?

Over the last week, I have seen status updates referring to crimes committed in their neighbourhood, or requests for supposed drug addicts to get help.

Yes, I get that you want the perpetrators stopped, but is it really a good idea to post on your update that "I'm going to get my baseball bat and go beat the SOB who vandalized Dad's car, and I know who it was so they better be ready"? Or "Sis, please stop taking those drugs with our neighbour. I haven't seen you do it, but I heard you were." Seriously?

WTF is wrong with people? Stuff posted on Facebook does NOT go away - they're even in talks with the Canadian Government over not following our privacy laws, and you idiots are willing to publicly display an outline of your planned illegal actions, or slanderous statements that have no basis in fact?

I just don't get it... Oh, and yes, I have removed these people as "friends" because I don't need to get involved...

--- Facebook Folks are Frightening

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