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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Look at the Bigger Picture(s)

Posted on Sat, Oct 3, 2009 at 6:22 PM

Like most Canadians I was saddened to hear of the Roman Catholic bishop that is allegedly guilty of possessing, and apparently "importing" pornographic pictures of minors. However, I feel that there is another issue at stake here besides how the sexuality of those under a ridiculous vow of celibacy manifests itself.

What is the deal with this business of "random" searches of our computer hard-drives? When did this start, and why are we seemingly "OK" with it?! Is it because, in this case, we allow the end result to justify the means? We think we've caught an evil "pervert" and so we throw privacy and freedom under the bus? Do we really want a group of smirking border guards gathered around having a giggle at intimate "glamour" pictures of our wives, for instance? How about the RCMP has a gang-screen of that hospital video of your son or daughter being born that you've got saved? Or maybe have a group-gander at private pics of your grandfather on his death bed?

Would we feel the same way if a "random search" of a citizen's laptop revealed evidence of criminal tax evasion or embezzlement, for instance? Or does white collar crime not enrage our passions enough?

"Random" searches, whether it be our electronic data at customs, or the RCMP rifling through our pockets on a street corner, are NOT the way to fight crime in a free democracy. We have a right to expect more from law enforcement, not just having them fish through our belongings willy-nilly until they find something. Trace this stuff electronically if you want; go ahead and infiltrate the pedophile/terrorist/skate-boarding-without-helmet networks, I don't give a fuck - but "random" searches? Are you kidding me? What's next, "random" searches of our homes?

In fact, I bet if we just took the next few years and systematically kicked in every single door in Canada, we'd catch all kinds of awful bad guys.

---baD mR fRosTy

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