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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

animal cruelty hanging over my head

Posted on Tue, Sep 29, 2009 at 3:09 PM

so the people who live in my building have a 6 year old pitbull they are starving to death, it is nothing but a skeleton with some very sick skin streached over her brittle frame, they refuse to let her outside or get any fresh air in fear someone will see and try to help the dog, it is the worse case of neglect i have ever seen, they also have a kitten that is so infested with fleas she can not open her eyes, i found her covered in blood and going into shock, she was scratchign at my door,
they called the cops on my accused me of stealing their cat, the cops came, said sorry because they are animal lovers too,and gave them the kitten back, they checked out the dog and said the spca will be coming in the morning, when the spca came they looked at the dog, and said there wasnt enough evidence that would allow removing the dog. i think the spca is a worthless company who only profits from animals (200$ to adopt a puppy from the dartmouth spca) they no longer have the pet population program and they do nothing for starving abused animals,
who is fightning for the animals whos sole purpose in life is to be a decoration in the corner of a shit filled apartment, what happens to an animal who has no quality of life and no one "in the postion" to do anything,
i was told to call the spca everyday i dont see the dog oustide at all, to try to take pictures and audio of the dog, well thats alittle hard when shes not aloud out, and what will a call a day do when cops and animals control saw the dog and did nothing already, (if you saw this animal you would shed a tear)
and as a dog owner, who takes great pride in the care of her animal, is one to say, all my dog expects from my is a walk, good snuggle and a hearty meal. EVERYDAY

---friend of the fourlegged

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