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Sunday, September 27, 2009


Posted on Sun, Sep 27, 2009 at 6:13 PM

I cannot stand you. We met in first year and I thought you were annoying. Then you stop going to classes, fail them, and now your back. Back telling anyone who'll listen that you're bipolar. I must have heard you loudly tell at least seven people already. So you're an attention whore. Fine, whatever. Then I hear you going on about how you got thousands of dollars off of your tuition because you have this "disability". FUCK YOU. I have an actual 'disability', and I don't get shit because I don't want to be given special treatment. I could get the money off if I asked but I've been dealing with this my whole life and I am just as able as anyone else to get this education without hand outs, why? Because I've worked hard to overcome it all my life, I DEAL WITH IT. In fact, I've come so far that no one in any of our classes has noticed my condition, not even you. It's none of their business, and people treat you differently when they find out. I don't need the money, and neither do you. I'm not angry because you're getting money off and I'm not. I'm pissed because you're using your little trendy emotional problems as an excuse for failing classes, while the rest of us work through our emotional shit on our own and still find time to have a job on the side and uh, not fail class. I'm sure half the student population could be diagnosed with bipolar disorder if they tried. Your taking money from people who actually need it, in what is probably the least accessible university in the province. What the FUCK kind of a disability is fucking bullshit bipolar disorder? Let me introduce you to my friend with CP and you can explain to him exactly how hard your mood swings makes getting an education.

---Bipolar is Bullshit.

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