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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Today's Media Sexualizing Young Women to Prostitution?

Posted on Sun, May 24, 2009 at 8:11 PM

Whew, where is Winter now, eh? It's finally gone, and that means that since things are warming up in Nova Scotia, it means that the crime heat is rising as well. For example, this morning at the Burger King bus shelter at Tacoma Plaza in Westphal, Dartmouth around 11:19 am today (3-29-2009) a possible prostitution suspect showed up with a secondary suspect, a caucasian male with a slouched stature of 6'1'', and 160 lbs. The prostitution suspect, (who I am dubbing 'suspect zero') is an unidentified caucasian female approximately 113 lbs, petite stature with dyed blonde hair (long) and was dressed in black fishnet stockings, black heels (open toe) and black shirt with blue jean mini skirt.

From my experience with the police (not mentioning), this dress code fits the bill of a prositute (even walked like one). Suspect Zero had one brown 'bug'eyed' sunglasses, black purse and a gold chain. Suspect 2, the male was poorly shaven, dark haired and had one a rather heavy blue jacket and ball cap (pimp, or boyfriend, or fuck buddy?). Given that the two were walking to the bus shelter from behind BK, suggests to me that they are locals to the Westphal area, and probably students at the nearby Prince Andrew High School. The two engaged in sexual related acts in public view (of me) with remorse while waiting at the bus shelter for the route 10 Dalhousie bus (same as I was).

I was seated in the back, with the two suspects in full view of me 5 seats up from the front. They got off the bus at the Sportsplex Bus Terminal on Wyse Road, Dartmouth. (as mentioned in a previous blog, the Wyse Road area of Central Dartmouth is a hot spot for prostitution, as it Dartmouth North).

I am advising you, bloggers that if you know this person to stay away from both suspects, and to report sightings and any information to the Halifax Regional Police's Vice Unit at 902-490-5333, the integrated major crime unit, or report a tip to or through Crimestoppers at 1-800-222-tips. I will make sure the information if posted via blog response is sent anonymously to authorities. I will pass it along to HPD and Metro Newspaper.

As for Suspect Zero, if you happen to read this blog by accident via random search on google, know that your time as a free street walker is over. Your job won't save you from the long reach of law enforcement. Your pimp and you better run to Switzerland or Mexico which have no international extradition regulations for international fugitives.

I will be watching you, slut!

---Nunnya Business

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