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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Bayers Rd and Romans Avenue Intersection

Posted on Tue, Mar 10, 2009 at 10:32 AM

The intersection of Romans Avenue and Bayers Road

.what a fucking pain in my ASS it is to have to get through that intersection. If I am travelling on Romans avenue towards Bayers Rd (coming from Mumford Rd), why the FUCK does it take anywhere from three to five light changes for me to make a left turn out onto Bayers Rd? Why? I'll tell you why!!! Because some of the morons that drive the shitty, potholed roads of this fair city don't FUCKING know how to drive, that's why!! Bayers Rd outbound is a two lane road, and anybody making a right hand turn off of Romans (from the PUBS or public housing side) onto it should do so into the inner, curbside lane, so that the people making the left hand turn from the other side of Romans can make the turn into the outer lane. It's basic driving 101 for Christ sakes, but does it happen

.not fucking likely. Some of the drivers on the roads these days drive like they are in a fucking motor home, and need a runway sized patch of road to execute a simple fucking turn

..what the fuck is the matter with you all!?! What pisses me off about all of this is if I am the guy making the left turn, then the responsibility is mine to make sure that I can do that without causing an accident. Hey I'm quite confident in my driving abilities and my knowledge of the rules of the road

.yet some fucking dough head takes a right hand turn wide, and bang, suddenly it's my fault!! BULLSHIT I say!! Why can the city give the people making the left an advanced flashing green so they actually have a chance to make the light, or put some goddamn signs up to remind the fucktard drivers how they are supposed to turn at the intersection?!? I live on Romans and deal with all the fuckers using the street as a cut through to get from Bayers to Mumford or vice versa. I've had to deal with the fucking crappy traffic calming solutions the city installed on the street in the form of the chicanes, which brings up another point

.to all you fuckers that think it's first there has the right of way in those chicanes


..believe it or not, there is room for two cars or even two trucks to go through that at the same time, as long as they follow the natural curves of the road (mind you the way the plowing of the snow has been his year, it's been a bit dodgy at times). Most people drive those chicanes as fast as they can

.here's a newsflash people

.Romans Avenue is NOT part of the INDY circuit!! I personally think the chicanes have had the opposite effect of slowing the traffic

I think they make people go faster and drive more erratic! I hate to think of what life will be like if they actually go through with widening Bayers Rd! HRM needs to do something here I the long term, but in the short term, to all you gormless fuckers out there


Oh yeah

have a nice day :-P

---Me, Myself & I

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