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Thursday, December 18, 2008


This bitch was by somebodyelse, and I added my responseto it. It was posted in thePSST section.I just logged into the main page, and noticed a strange headline that was recently posted in the PSST. section.Somebody has issues if theyare reacting t

Posted on Thu, Dec 18, 2008 at 10:28 PM


This bitch was by somebody

else, and I added my response

to it. It was posted in the

PSST section.

I just logged into the main page, and noticed a strange headline that was recently posted in the PSST. section.

Somebody has issues if they

are reacting this badly to

such a small thing.

Here is the PSST that was written:


WTF is wrong with you idiots? Here I am, minding my own business, AFTER 9:00 pm, in a building that is clearly marked "NO SOLICITING", and a knock on the door: "hello, would you like a free copy of the Comical Herald?" says the frizzy-haired bleached blonde airhead, disturbing MY peace and quiet with an offer of free fishwrap from a newspaper I want nothing to do with! How much fucking brainpower does it take for one of these lower-than-storm-drain-scum-water 'solicitors' to just READ the damn sign before they enter into a building where they are not invited to be?!?! It says "NO SOLICITING" you fuckin' douchebags! Take your Comical Herald, wrap it into a fine tube, and RAM it up your ass until it's ticklin' your goddamned tonsils! Get OUT, Stay AWAY, Do NOT come BACK, get LOST, you good-for-nothing assholes!

(End of PSST)

Not only have people posted PSST ads in the Bitch section,

but they are now posting Bitches in the PSST section.

This wasn't the first time.


To the person who wrote this

bitch in the PSST section:

Please post in the Bitch

section the next time.


To the person who wrote this bitch. 1. Was this

person who came to your door

a kid? Assuming that they

are a paper-carrier, they

might be a kid.

2. They likely started quite

early, and your door didn't

happen to come up in their path until 9pm. They didn't

say, "Well, I'll wait till after

nine to go to this place, so

then I can really piss that guy


3. It's a newspaper, she

wasn't asking you to give her

oral sex or jump off a

plane. She wasn't forcing

you to buy the newspaper.

She was just asking,

if you wanted to buy the

paper. It's a simple Yes or

No question. It's nothing to

take a stroke about.

4. So, somebody knocked on

your door one time asking you

if you want a news paper.

You're reacting way too

harshly for somebody who was asked ONLY ONCE.

5. If the canvasser was a

kid, then I wouldn't talk about

people being douchebags,

because based on your language, it would be more

accurate for you to call

someone a douchebag if you

were looking in the mirror.

6. Not everybody sees every

single sign. I've had to

answer many questions to

many people when the answer

was just written on a clearly

marked sign that they just

passed, and it was right in

front of their faces in large-

bold ink. Was it on the right

or the left hand side? Well,

that answer doesn't matter,

it should be on both sides,

and as well as the middle.

Once again, Bitches go in the

Bitch section, and a PSST

goes in the PSST section.

PSST = secret admirer, etc. = PSST section; BITCH = rants, raves, peeves, etc. = BITCH section


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