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Friday, November 21, 2008

Grocery Shopping for dummies:

For the past year I have worked as a cashier at my "super" job at a certain grocery store in Halifax. I’m sure everyone has their horror stories of cashiers bruising their bananas, or god forbid squishing their bread and I’d be willing to bet that you ma

Posted on Fri, Nov 21, 2008 at 12:56 PM

For the past year I have worked as a cashier at my "super" job at a certain grocery store in Halifax. I’m sure everyone has their horror stories of cashiers bruising their bananas, or god forbid squishing their bread and I’d be willing to bet that you marched your asses up to customer service and complained over this simple mistake. I am a student, I work full time and have I think I am slowly starting to hate humanity because of this job. I recently put in my two weeks, so don't even say it. I also know I am damn good at my job, so don't go there either. I would just like to point out a few obvious things you can do that will make the underpaid, mistreated, disrespected, over-worked cashiers have a little bit better day. After keeping my mouth shut in numerous situations and trying to remain calm and be polite, I need to vent.


- Do: respond when we ask "Hi, how are you doing today?" Honestly, we probably don't give a flying fuck how you are but we ask because it's the polite thing to do, and the least you can do is mutter a "fine" and not stare at us like we have 5 heads.

- Do: wait patiently while we call for price checks. It is not our fault something was marked wrong on the shelf, it's not our fault a price tag wasn't put on in another department. We are calling and holding up the line so you get your extra 12 cents difference in the price. Just because the guy in the seafood department forgot to put a price on your fish doesn't mean you should yell at us. Why should we be punished by cranky customers because of mistakes made in other departments. If you really care that much, go back and bitch at them, or call the manager. Go bitch to someone who made the mistake and could have prevented it.

- Do: recognize when it is insanely busy and understand that there are reasons why we don't have every lane open. People call in sick, maybe the front end is short staffed. It's hard to find people to work in such a shitty environment for such little money. The lanes aren't closed just to piss you off so the people at customer service can point and laugh and be like " oh wez so bad those people have to wait longer in line I’ll show them muahaha" No.

- Do: help bag if you have the chance. I understand that you bring in reusable bags because you want to save the environment. Sweet, I’m all for that. But we are timed, yes, that's right. We are timed and evaluated based on how many items we ring through a minutes. Those bags really slow us down and although it is for a good cause, if you're standing there doing nothing, please offer to help and not watch us struggle.

- Do: understand that 10 items or less means 10 ITEMS OR LESS. In certain situations, for example, if the store is dead and there is no one in express but long line ups on regular cash then most cashiers will offer to ring you through if you don't have a $400 order. At least I know I will. But if you don't ask, forget it. Don't just expect to be rung through like you have some special privilege, you don't. Wait in line like everyone else. If exp ress lines are long and it's busy, go to a normal lane. Oh, and also, don't use the whole " o rly? like...this is express? oh I didn’t see the sign tehehe" You're an idiot and I’ll still tell you to leave I don't care

- Do: make an attempt to be nice. Yeah your car broke down on the way here and your kid got suspended from school and when you got to the grocery store they didn't have what you wanted. You can be cranky, that's okay I get that. I'll ring you through as fast as possible and you can't go hate life elsewhere but there is no fucking need for you to vent your anger on cashiers. Bite your tongue, we do.

- Do: Put the money in the cashier’s hand, not on the belt. That is disrespectful, my hands are clean you can drop your money in my hand, won't get AIDS. Also if you don't do this then you better not bitch when your twenty dollar bill gets sucked under the belt.

- Do - Say thank you. Sweet merciful fuck is it really too much to ask for a thanks?

- Do - Give compliments. You all seem to have no problem leaving complaints if you are pissed about something. Why don't you try leaving a compliment if you are satisfied with the service you have recieved.

And now for the don'ts..

- Don't- Leave your carts at the end of the lane. This pisses customers off and makes everything crowded, it's not hard to drop it off on your way out.

- Don't - Curse at the cashier, or customers, or at all for that matter.

- Don't - Get in fist fights while waiting in line. I know, right? This should be common sense. But it's not, it's happened. Adults getting in fist fights while standing in line at a grocery store.

- Don't - Put your basket up on the belt and expect us to empty it for you. I hate when people do this, it's like you're saying "I’m too good to empty this, it's your job, and do it."

- Don't - Talk on your cell phone the whole time we ring you through. "Omggg girrrrl, last nite i had sao much fun at the dome. You too? Fuck yaw we're going again tanite. I'm juzt ringing thru ma groceries , yk no y kno, sap witchu?!"

- Don't let your cats piss on your reassemble bags and then expect me to pack then while they reek of piss. Nice. It's really good to know your enjoy the aroma of urine with your bananas and apples. You must be very clean, awesome.

- Don't - Throw things at cashiers. You know how tempted I am to follow you out in the parking lot and slap you across your face. It amazes me how people can be so crazy and rude.

- Don't - Tell me to slow down. I'm not throwing your groceries okay? Again, we are timed. We have to go fast. I'm not going to dent your cans I know what I'm doing.

- Don't - Say racist or any rude comment for that matter and expect me to laugh. Sorry, no. This is the one time I'm allowed to be rude and get YOU in trouble. So please try talking to the store manager after I call you out.

I'm sure I've forgotten things but hopefully you get the point. I'm not saying everyone is guilty of doing these things, but for the few people who are I hope you realize that one comment can completely ruin someone’s shift and If it wasn't for all the nice people outnumbering the rude ones I would go insane. All that being said, Please remember this before you go to scream at your cashier next time. I have seen many customers make employees cry. Chances are, they don't enjoy their job, they are there because they have no other option, and a compliment or even just a smile does go along way and makes our days better. I'm sure a lot of these things apply to people who have other retail jobs too, so try being nice, or not even nice, just not mean, to the next person who serves you. A lot of things that go wrong are honest mistakes, don't freak out. To the people out there who do try and are respectful and friendly, thank you

fed up cashier

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