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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Animal over lovers

Alright, I am normally a calm... Wait, I can't even say that with a straight face, I am fucking pissed off most of the time. Recently I've been reading all the hoopla regarding 'seals' and to a lesser extent animal rights. I laugh my balls silly afte

Posted on Sat, Mar 1, 2008 at 9:13 AM

Alright, I am normally a calm... Wait, I can't even say that with a straight face, I am fucking pissed off most of the time.

Recently I've been reading all the hoopla regarding 'seals' and to a lesser extent animal rights. I laugh my balls silly after seeing these hypocrites in action.

Example number one, that wanker Paul jack-off-knee has the stones to tell people with his pampered rich from doing shit all but singing bad out of tune songs that hard working people shouldn't kill animals because they are inhumane. I'm wondering, how the fuck did he get to Canada anyway? Didn't he use a plane and then took a helicopter or something or other? Well, la dee dah, that took resources that either directly or indirectly fucked over an animal and or several people you tosser!

Then we have Pam fake-tits-MacGee or whatever she is calling herself. I am supposed to take the advice of plastic woman who's only real claim to fame is being false? "I don't like clubbing seals", guess what bimbo nobody cares, now get back to posing for "Playboy" for the umpteenth time because all you are good for is getting naked.

However, it would have been fine if these washed up has-beens were the only ones spouting their tripe, but, much to my dismay this caused other granola munching, tofu fucking assholes to crawl out of their smelly weed infused apartments to say that they are for animal rights...

Animal rights?

Please assholes, you yuppie hippies are full of shit!

Let me put it this way. You live in a building? You helped killed animals. You turned on a light switch, you helped killed an animal. You take the bus, you helped kill an animal. You eat food period, you helped killed an animal.

And to you vegan, cucumber suckers. If you don't eat animals because of namby pamby bullshit that they have souls or some other retarded shit then there are several schools of thought you can take on the matter.

1) If you believe that an animal has a soul then you would invariably have to admit that a plant has a soul to since it too is a living complex organism. To wit, some plants are far more complex and intricate than some of the dumb animals that you don't want to eat or wear that you invariably kill the genius to not hurt the retard.

2) Plants feel pain and bleed. Just because you cannot hear the ultra sonic wail that a plant emits when it is damaged or thirsty doesn't mean that it isn't there you pretentious fucks!

Shut the fuck up you ignorant bastards! You have to kill to live, that's a rule of nature. I don't see you cocksuckers trying to ween lions from eating meat so why are you trying to tell humans that it is wrong for them to kill animals? Are you saying that humans arn't a part of nature? Because really if you look at it truly objectivly then that is the only argument that you could make to say that any single deed that we do is against nature.

Meaning that you think we are not natural, and if that is the case you might as well slit your wrist yourself because you don't belong in nature and are an abberation.

No matter what you can hope to say, animals die, big shit, pets are just that, pets, not people that you dress in faggy clothes you lonley disturbed twit!

Treat an animal like a fucking animal if you truly respect them. Now excuse me while I have myself a grilled venison while wearing my leather jacket while boiling up some fish and sea slug for dinner.

Wanker hippie tree hugging wackos.


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