Tuesday, June 30, 2015

A truckload of Togetherness

Make tracks to "Together," a touring exhibition on development.

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The "Together" exhibition arrived just in time for Canada Day.
  • The "Together" exhibition arrived just in time for Canada Day.

Yesterday this truck drove down Marginal Road towards the container port. But unlike most of the trucks driving that route, which will unload their container cargo onto boats or trains for shipping around the world, this one is delivering the world to Halifax. Its cargo is a (literally) touring exhibition called "Together: An exhibition on global development." Now parked at the Pier 21 immigration museum, it's open today through Thursday July 2, from 9am to 5pm.

Organized by the Aga Khan Foundation Canada, "Together" focuses on "Canadian contributions to positive change around the world" with photos, videos, bilingual placards, an interactive map and more museum-grade goodness than you'd imagine can be installed in a truck. Plus it's free. In other words, this is definitely worth a visit, especially on Canada Day.

Need more convincing? Here's the "Together" promo video:

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Monday, June 15, 2015

Get a load of the first Smart Phone Film Festival, June 19

At Halifax Central Library’s Paul O’Regan Hall, 7pm

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Shooting an opus?
  • Shooting an opus?

Many, many short films—30 to be exact—make up the two and a half hours of pure smartphone film enjoyment to be had this Friday. Presented by The Coast and Eastlink, the inaugural Smart Phone Film Festival screening party and awards show goes down this Friday at 7pm at the Central Library's Paul O’Regan Hall. The films, shot entirely on those little phones we love so much, were collected from pro, am and newbie filmmakers, and the winning entries will be judged by the audience and awarded a cash prize and a Spiffy to display on their mantle forever for their efforts. Expect free beer samples and popcorn, and a chance to laugh, cry and puzzle over these tiny film offerings.

Tickets available here.

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Thursday, June 11, 2015

22 Coast memories from Coast staff

Celebrating 22 years at the word factory. Please indulge us.

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The Crying Sack
  • The Crying Sack

An informal pile of scattered memories from Coast staff—best office treats, best parties, most embarrassing moments, triumphs, failures, tear-jerkers—all in one post. This week marks 22 years of the paper, and while we may not be doing any keg stands (or will we?) let's all do a keg stroll down memory lane, shall we?

1. "A woman picks up The Coast in front of me at the Farmers' Market. She rips out Dan Savage's column, balls it up and takes the rest of the issue home with her #selfcensoring" —Christine Oreskovich (AKA Ori), publisher

2. "My vote for best office treat is Jacob [Boon, city editor]'s mom's carrot cake. Also, I love when Ryan [Chisholm, production designer]'s dog Bigby visits." —Sarah Densmore, account executive

3. "That staff Christmas party, when a new employee did a keg stand." —Christine Oreskovich, publisher

4. "Maybe when I meant to forward a job posting to my mom and replied to a Stephen Kimber [senior features writer and University of King's College prof] email about the Listings Editor position instead. 'OMG Mom, this is my fucking dream job. Please help me fix my resume so I can get it. Wah wah wah, I’m a sooky, unemployed baby looking for an ego stroking' and so on. He politely responded 'Good luck with the dream job', which I got." —Allison Saunders, food and life editor

5. "I started at the Coast during Snowmaggedon 2015 and waded through waist deep sidewalks to get to work for an entire week because I was eager not to miss work or screw up. One evening while I was leaving the office (that only had two other people in it) in a blizzard Tara Thorne [copy chief] yelled 'DON'T BE A HERO!' after me as I left. I came in the next day anyway and was the only person at the office for most of the day." —Lewis Rendell, listings editor

6. "The open house last summer, hugging puppies and drinking beer." —Paige Sawler, production assistant

7. "Grant [Faulkner, account executive]'s famous chip dip." —Paige Sawler

8. "Hearing Allison's very loud gasp as she realized we had printed TKTKTK in large type in the wedding guide." —Paige Sawler [fun fact: TK is common newspaper placeholder, meaning "to come". Lord knows where the quote was.]

9. "The best Christmas party I've ever been to (and also the most drunk I've ever been, WHOOPS)." —Paige Sawler

10. "My VERY first day as an intern when I went for a walk with Kyle (I had no idea who he was and asked so many stupid questions) and ended up with a bunch of free desserts." —Paige Sawler

11. "Every single time I pet Beans [Coast office dog] is the best, obviously." —Paige Sawler

12. "Attending The Coast's 20th anniversary party a couple years back along with the rest of the city and two decades of past writers. It's still humbling to know my byline is printed in the same paper as so many amazing journalists who came before me." —Jacob Boon

13. "Getting the job offer as city editor. Living in Toronto at the time, it was one of those imaginary moments that someone will call you up and offer you a great job doing what you love in the hometown you didn't want to leave." —Jacob Boon

14. "Any handwritten news tip that arrives without a return address." —Jacob Boon

15. "When I started working here I was 20 and didn't drink at all. That changed with the birthday parties. By year three I was getting so drunk at various Coast events—birthday, Christmas party, Best of Halifax—I had a 10pm curfew before I was allowed to start drinking (they hoped the freebies would be all gone by then). One XMas party I passed out on Victor Syperek's front steps and Christa [Harrie, director of sales and marketing] took a picture. Another time I took all the swag bag stickers out and put them all over my legs (one summer I was into skirts, that was weird). Another time I tried to punch Eric Duncan [former account executive] in the face—he was in sales, and my roommate, and I wasn't mad at him—but I was on a ramp so I just fell straight onto the ground and crushed my sister's cell phone which was in my pocket because she was wearing a dress." —Tara Thorne

16. "The first time I went to the Sundance Film Festival in 2003 I was really sad and lonely all the way in Utah, I had altitude sickness and couldn't talk, I didn't know anyone and was very overwhelmed. Halfway through the fest, a FedEx package appeared and it was a card with my head grafted onto various celebrities and everyone in the office had signed it." —Tara Thorne

17. "We used to joke about how if you needed to cry you couldn't do it at your desk, you had to go to the bathroom or whatever and it was so inefficient, and Kate O'Connor [former Coast art director] came up with The Crying Sack, a paper bag you put on your head so everyone knew you were crying and not to bug you." —Tara Thorne

18. "One Christmas I had a tax delinquency problem and had to spend $600 at H&R Block and at the office party Melanie [Chapman, senior account executive] pulled me aside and gave me her bonus, because she said I needed it more than she did. I went to the bathroom at the Carleton and wept. Earlier in my Coast life Jane Kansas mobilized all my freelancers to buy me an ipod, just because, and the staff to buy me Doc Martens for my birthday. (I used to have a lot of money issues.)" —Tara Thorne

19. "Fifteen years ago, Christa Harrie was my roommate and now she's my landlord! She has been a great friend through all this time and I am so glad she came back to us." —Tara Thorne

20. "Kyle [Shaw, editor] and Christine take you out for lunch every year for your Coastiversary and once instead of lunch we got New York Fries and went to see Dark Water with Jennifer Connelly. Last year instead of lunch Ori gave me a pillow with Steve Murphy, my favourite local journalist, painted on it." —Tara Thorne

21. "My favorite Coast memory was the time that I beat the Halifax Examiner himself, Tim Bousquet [former Coast city editor] at pinball. We were having a goodbye party for our old comrade Loukas [Crowther, former production manager] at the pinball place on Quinpool. I arrived fashionably late as one does, and saw that there was a contest to see who could set the highest score in Avatar, with Tim at the top. I was the last person to go and was off to a terrible start, losing two balls immediately. Things were looking dire, but then I got in the zone and started making it rain multi-balls. I managed wizard my way to victory and when I turned around I saw most of The Coast staff were behind me watching, cheering my victory. As I panned the faces in the crowd I noticed Tim, he didn’t look that impressed that I had stolen his thunder. Sorry Tim, but you got owned. —Ryan Chisholm, production designer

22. "We used to have parties for the Best of Music issue survey results every year, complete with gold spraypainted record plaques for the winners (let's have a moment for the poor saps who huffed all that paint while painting them on the sidewalk outside the office every year). One year I co-hosted with then arts editor Sue Carter and we spent a day compiling the best Phyllis Diller and Joan Rivers one liners to read off cue cards and fling into the crowd—“On my honeymoon I put on a peekaboo blouse. My husband peeked and booed," for example. I think it went over like a lead balloon but we cried laughing and that's all that matters." —Stephanie Johns, arts editor

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Friday, June 5, 2015

Major AGNS shake up

Ray Cronin fired from top position at Art Gallery of Nova Scotia

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  • photo via artgalleryofnovascotia.ca

Art Gallery of Nova Scotia director and CEO Ray Cronin will step down after seven years in the job and 14 years total at the gallery. allNovaScotia is reporting that he was fired by the AGNS board. Cronin will be replaced in the interim by Lisa Bugden, the former head of Film & Creative Industries Nova Scotia, an organization that was recently disbanded by the Liberals. Bugden starts Monday.

From a post on the AGNS website today:

“We sincerely appreciate Ray’s significant contribution to the Gallery and the arts in Nova Scotia,” said Robbie Shaw, Board Chair, Art Gallery of Nova Scotia. “Ray has been steadfast in his passion and dedication to growing the province’s art collection, community and culture for many years. His leadership role in initiatives like the internationally recognized Sobey Art Award, a program of nationally and internationally touring exhibitions of senior Canadian artists with close ties to this region, a strong publications program, and numerous donations and gifts of art has provided a strong legacy for us to build on. Under his leadership the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia achieved a level of stability that finds us well poised for moving forward. We wish him well in his future endeavors.”
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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Sobey Art Award shortlist announced

Waving a big foam finger for Atlantic representative Lisa Lipton!

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Lisa Lipton, Ballad Bay, 2014, Chapter VIII - The Impossible Blue Rose, Woody Point, Gros Morne, NL, Video Still - HD Video, Mixed media installation and site-specific performance involving: costuming, painted walls, rocks & found objects, wood burnt branches, lighting, stationary designs, 30 min. video for computer prop, music. - TOM COCHRANE
  • Lisa Lipton, Ballad Bay, 2014, Chapter VIII - The Impossible Blue Rose, Woody Point, Gros Morne, NL, Video Still - HD Video, Mixed media installation and site-specific performance involving: costuming, painted walls, rocks & found objects, wood burnt branches, lighting, stationary designs, 30 min. video for computer prop, music.
  • Tom Cochrane

This morning, the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia and the Sobey Art Foundation announced the five shortlisted artists for this year's Sobey Art Award, a coveted prize for Canada's contemporary artists under age 40.

A curatorial panel whittled down the longlist of 25 artists to come up with five, one from each region. The selected artists' work will be exhibited at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia beginning September 26. The five artists will compete for $100,000 in prize money ($50,000 going to the winner, $10,000 to each shortlisted finalist and $500 to the remaining longlisted artists). The winner of the top prize will be announced on the evening of October 28.

Our fingers are crossed for the Atlantic representative, Lisa Lipton, who is also the Centre for Art Tapes' local artist-in-residence and will be screening two of her short films, BLUE in The Impossible Blue Rose and Horizon—excerpts from her feature film, The Impossible Blue Rose—at this week's Halifax Independent Filmmakers' Festival (screening details below). Send good vibes—in the Sobey Art Awards' 11 years of awarding, an Atlantic artist has never taken the prize. This is our year!

The shortlisted artists are:

Atlantic : Lisa Lipton

Québec : Jon Rafman

Ontario : Abbas Akhavan

Prairies and the North : Sarah Anne Johnson

West Coast and the Yukon : Raymond Boisjoly

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Atlantic Film Festival announces Summer of Superheroes

For the Outdoor Film Experience June 26-August 21

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  • ;)

It's a cape escape every weekend from June 26 to August 21. Instead of focusing on an actor or director, The Atlantic Film Festival's Outdoor Film Experience is going broad with a genre: superheroes. Costumes encouraged, but I doubt you needed any encouraging, really.

Now in Bedford and Dartmouth as well as on that big ol' screen at the south end of the Halifax Waterfront Tall Ships Quay, the films will be preceded by Atlantic Canadian produced short films in a joint presentation with CBC, called Summer Shorts. This year’s program will celebrate 20 years of the Atlantic Filmmakers Cooperative’s (AFCOOP) filmmaker development program, FILM5. (this is truly worth hauling a chair and a blanket and some snacks out early for, those films are rad).

All films are free, they begin at dusk and gates will open one hour prior to each screening. Please check for weather updates and cancellations by tuning into The Bounce 101.3 and at atlanticfilm.com. There are no rain dates.

Halifax Waterfront screenings:

Friday, July 17: Spiderman, 2002, 121min (Rated PG)
Friday, July 24: Superman: The Movie, 1978, 137min (Rated PG)
Friday, July 31: X-Men: First Class, 2011, 132min (Rated PG)
Friday, August 7: Batman, 1989, 126min (Rated PG)
Friday, August 14: Guardians of the Galaxy, 2014, 121min (Rated PG)
Friday, August 21: Marvel’s The Avengers, 2012, 142min (Rated PG)

Bedford and Dartmouth screenings:

Friday, June 26: The Lego Movie, 2014, 100min (Rated G) at DeWolf Park, Bedford as part of Bedford Days.

Sunday, June 28: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, 1990, 93min (Rated PG) at Sunnyside Mall, Bedford as part of Bedford Days.
*This screening is both a “bring your own chair” and a drive-in movie.

Friday, July 10: X-Men: Days of Future Past, 2014, 131min (Rated PG) at Pondside Amphitheatre, Hector Gate, Dartmouth.

Saturday, August 8: Men in Black, 1997, 98min (Rated PG) at Ferry Terminal Park, Dartmouth.

Saturday, August 15: The Incredibles, 2004, 115min (Rated PG) at Pondside Amphitheatre, Hector Gate, Dartmouth.

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