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What does your partner do during sex that drives you wild?   

Stand out turn-ons from our Sex + Dating survey

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So how does Halifax get its jollies? In this year's Sex + Dating survey, our readers kindly peeled back the covers and anonymously revealed all the juicy (sometimes literally juicy) details—the grabbing, moaning, nibbling and sucking—that make them weak in the knees. Take a gander and maybe add a few moves to your own repertoire before Valentine's Day.


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“Being an exceptional kisser is a must. A solid makeout sesh before the clothes even come off show me that you aren't in a massive rush to get off and can actually enjoy different kinds of physical intimacy.”

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“Honestly I'm a sucker for getting sucked. Kissing on the mouth, neck, chest, tummy and of course between the legs, with suction and tongue just drives me wild. The pressure is great and it's like once she puts her mouth somewhere it becomes some new erogenous zone.”

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“Talks to me, tells me how into me he is, tells me all his fantasies about me, huge confidence booster to hear how much you turn someone on.”

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“He waits until I beg him to fuck me before penetrating me. Makes the initial penetration that much hotter.”

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“Standing behind me, he pushes his fingers into the creases of my hips... it is so ticklish that I immediately buckle at the waist, and end up bent over arching my back.”

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“The best part for me during sex is when my partner cums. After the fact he will stay in me for a little while and sometimes even that will get me off.”

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“Slides his fingers just under the edge of my clothes during foreplay. It's so timid and innocent like he's not supposed to do it!”

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“Grab my head during oral, wrap legs around me while fucking or when I'm giving oral, and nails in my back (only if it's out of pleasure, not fake). Anything that lets me know she is genuinely getting off.”

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“Play with my balls and asshole while we are fucking or when you are sucking me off. Or call me Daddy. That makes me crazy. Is that fucked up?”

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“Slides his fingers just under the edge of my clothes during foreplay. It's so timid and innocent like he's not supposed to do it!”


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