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Sun thyself, it's the 2014 Patio Guide 

The city’s first sign of summer is when bars, restaurants and cafes haul out the outdoor seating. In an effort to help you get a side of vitamin D with your lunch, we’ve sought out some of the sunniest seats around.

click to enlarge Durty Nelly's - RILEY SMITH
  • Durty Nelly's
  • Riley Smith

Argyle Bar & Grill
It's always sunnier on Argyle Street. That's not scientifically proven, but this rooftop patio definitely holds onto that ball of light longer than its neighbours. So while you're sweating out last night's hangover, why not opt for $4.25 mimosas and Caesars on the weekend. Come on, it's time for round two.
1575 Argyle Street, 492-8844

Baton Rouge
This breezy harbourfront resto knows exactly what you crave sitting oceanside: lobster, and lots of it. These babies are so fresh they might hop off your plate (they won't, though). Offering the best in lobster fusion, from lobster poutine to lobster ravioli or the classic six-ounce lobster tail---garlic butter, lemon and all---this steakhouse patio will have you clawing to get on.

1877 Hollis Street, 407-0007

Bearly's House of Blues & ribs
Experiencing some summertime sadness? Well, you know what they say: the best cure for a case of the blues is...blues. Head on over to Bearly's for some soulful tunes, Ace Burgers and a lot of sunshine. Just check your weather app before you leave. This is Halifax.

1269 Barrington Street, 423-2526
click to enlarge Bistro Le Coq - RILEY SMITH
  • Bistro Le Coq
  • Riley Smith

Bistro Le Coq
Romance your palate with Parisian charm at Bistro Le Coq. Settle in behind its white picket fence while your sip on a coupe of bubbly. They'll butter you up with fancy French cuisine, like duck confit or croque monsieur. Parfait, non?

1584 Argyle Street, 407-4564

the Bicycle Thief
Despite the name, this hip, upscale resto is famous for stealing more appetites than it does bikes. When patio season is in full swing, this place pedals a lot of service from its rustic seaside terrace, which claims one corner of Bishop's Landing. Come summertime, patrons must shift into high-gear if they want to get a reservation on the patio.

1475 Lower Water Street, 425-7993

The Bitter End
"You had me at Martini Monday"---everyone sane. There's something in the water over there at The Bitter End. (It's alcohol.) This boozy bar hasn't pumped out over a million martinis since inception because its team is bad at making drinks. The only thing better than Martini Mondays are Martini Mondays in the summer. The sun may not linger as long on the north side of Argyle (so get there early), but at the night's end, you'll be anything but bitter.

1572 Argyle Street, 425-3039

Bramoso Gourmet Pizza
The origin of the word "bramoso" sums up a lot of feelings---desirous, longing, wishing. Quit dragging your heels down the never-ending street that is Quinpool, and hoist yourself onto this terrace. With its own hand-tossed dough, sauces and local ingredients, you'll be desiring, longing and wishing for more.

6169 Quinpool Road, 425-2222

Brooklyn Warehouse
Faux-patio, noun
1. A patio that isn't really a patio, but is just as awesome. Typically resembling a sun room, or atrium, with many windows creating the illusion of being outdoors, without all the dangers of actually being outdoors. These dangers include but are not limited to: pigeons, awkward street encounters, sunburns and longboard collisions.
Person 1: Let's go for lunch.
Person 2: Yeah but let's go to the faux-patio at Brooklyn Warehouse.

2795 Windsor Street, 446-8181

The Brown Hound
Pipa may have changed its face, and menu, to become The Brown Hound in the last couple of weeks, but its sunny, sunny sidewalk doesn't quit regardless. Check out the new eats here, and sip on something sweet from the expanded cocktail list.

1685 Argyle Street, 407-7472

Cafe Chianti
Where Barrington meets Harvey Street and Italian meets Eastern European cuisine, Cafe Chianti is now serving up its new lunch menu for your patio-lounging pleasure. If it's a quick sit-down you're looking for, Chianti's got two courses for $15 with your name on it. And it's arriving pronto.

1241 Barrington Street, 423-7471
click to enlarge The Carleton Bar & Grill - RILEY SMITH
  • The Carleton Bar & Grill
  • Riley Smith

The Carleton bar & grill
The Carleton is blessed by the sun gods. Getting the most sun of any bar on a street where the shade is inevitable is something not taken for granted there. With a brand new deck they are ready for patio season, and your classier brunches.

1685 Argyle Street, 422-6335

Celtic Corner Take a trip to Dartmouth, where liquid lunches are embraced. Kick off the ye olde afternoon at this Irish pub with a slew of brews. With Guinness on tap, you may find yourself questioning how the hell you guzzled so many pints. But as the saying goes, when in Dartmouth (or something like that).
69 Alderney Drive, 464-0764

The Company House
Since its open in 2009, the CoHo has become a north end staple, dedicated to good acoustic vibes, good drinks, and (obviously) good company. If you're looking for any of the above, this patio will not disappoint. You're bound to run into some old pals, or meet some new friends.

2202 Gottingen Street, 404-3050

Chebucto Coffee Coffee doesn't always have to be your grab-and-go drink. Looking for a change of pace? Unwind at Chebucto's haven of relaxation. Isolated from its java-pouring counterparts and shops, this patio invites its customers get out of the house to feel just as at home.>
6430 Chebucto Road, 404-5885

Cicero's on the Water
It calls itself Fine Dining on the Water and guys, it's true. You don't get much closer to the lake unless you're swimming in it. One meal on its sunny, slightly out of town, patio and you'll rethink your next battle for a seat on Argyle Street.

122 Post Office Road, Porters Lake, 827-3287

CUT Steakhouse
Where "luxury meets leisure," this idyllic garden patio is the perfect spot for the sophisticated foodie. Watch the sun disappear as you CUT into a dry-aged Angus steak, paired with a glass of red hand-picked by the sommelier.

5120 Salter Street, 429-5120

Darrell's Restaurant
A burger in the sun is worth a thousand burgers indoors. That's right---the best way to eat a Darrell's burger is sans roof and walls. This summer eat a peanut butter burger a la sunshine, and wash it down with an Oreo shake, a new addition to this impressive milkshake lineup.

5576 Fenwick Street, 492-2349

Durty Nelly's
Durty Nelly's patio is like the pot of gold at the end of a long workday. Feel as lucky as the Irish after devouring authentic grub like drunken seared scallops or steak and ale pie. After a few Limerick lemonades, dust off your dancin' shoes and do the Irish jig.

5221 Sackville Street, 406-7640
click to enlarge The Economy Shoe Shop - RILEY SMITH
  • The Economy Shoe Shop
  • Riley Smith

The Economy Shoe Shop
The Economy Shoe Shop's patio is like a not-so-secret-garden. Decorated with potted plants and shrubbery, it's the perfect spot on Argyle to ignore the gaping hole across the street. Get cozy in the bushes and sip on some brews with your pals.

1665 Argyle Street, 423-8845

Restore and replenish that summer bod on the modest patio at enVie. Nestled in front of the vegan kitchen, it's perfect to enjoy a lunch or brunch in the sun. Toss back a cold- pressed juices or smoothie while soaking in some vitamin D to get your nutrient fix.

5775 Charles Street, 492-4077

The Fickle Frog Pub
Within walking distance from almost everywhere in the south end, this casual pub is perfect for a morning-after-a-night-on-the-town brunch, or a midday, much-needed Caesar with the gang. Posted on the patio, as you order a second round of their famous pizza/garlic finger hybrid and observe the ever-bustling Spring Garden, take comfort in the fact that this is exactly where you're supposed to be.

5675 Spring Garden Road, 429-9999

The Fireside
To dodge the Monday blues, make like Mr. Bond and slosh back a dirty martini, shaken not stirred. They may come cheaper, but not at the expense of flavour. Whether you're here for one or five, you're conveniently tucked away from the bustling Spring Garden, so sip on. We're not judging.

1500 Brunswick Street, 423-5995

If you're sucking back a thick milkshake, or demolishing an ooey-gooey burger here, it might as well be outside. Make like you barbequed that beef yourself and the Argyle passersby are your crazy neighbours.

1565 Argyle Street, 453-3547

The Foggy Goggle
Nostalgic for a cottage getaway? Fear not. Sheltered from the busy street, The Goggle is like a roofless cabin. Gorge on some comfort food with flair and down a cool-as-ice cider or Caesar to start that fire (in your mouth). Slap on some sunblock folks, you're now on a staycation.

1667 Argyle Street, 444-1414

Freeman's Little New York
Painting the town red is always a long, exhausting task that leaves you in desperate need of refuelling. That is likely to take the form of a hearty New York-style 'za on the patio of this Halifamous joint before calling it a night. Note to self: Need more red paint.

6092 Quinpool Road, 429-0241

Hamachi Kita
The Hydrostone Market is our hiatus from Halifax, giving us that European shopping experience. And Hamachi Kita serves up both Japanese and Thai cuisine, helping that warm breeze take you even further on your imaginary summer vacation.

5543 Young Street, 431-5543

Hamachi Steakhouse
A hefty lunch menu, the very best of Asian fusion and a pristine view of the harbour meet all the requirements for a great Halifax patio. Sitting outside in the sun, you may not get to watch crazy grill action going on inside, but don't worry---your view is nothing to whine about.

  1477 Lower Water Street, 422-1600

Hamachi House
More Hamachi sidewalk action in the south end. Stop by this neighbourhood restaurant for maki happy hour under the moon or a quick Sapporo to ease the sizzle.

5190 Morris Street, 425-7711

Henry House
Decked out in throwback decor, The Henry House kicks it old-school British pub style. Take a load off on its Barrington-adjacent patio and soak up the sun they definitely don't get in England (that is, if it's not raining here too). Henry House fuses British fare with Maritime favourites, so enjoy a local brew with your bangers and mash.

1222 Barrington Street, 423-5660

HFX Sports Bar
Amidst the concrete jungle that is downtown Halifax, the sun at the HFX Sports Bar patio is one of the last to set. You can soak up the very last ray of light on the second-floor deck overlooking Citadel Hill, and then head inside to watch the game.

1721 Brunswick Street, 404-1404

Humani-T Cafe, north end
There is a direct correlation between an increase in temperature and an increase in gelato intake. Math. Warm weather brings customers by the droves to this balcony patio. Between cool treats, sammies, cake, coffee and teas, no craving will be left unsatisfied.
5755 Young Street, 454-9999

Humani-T, south end
Whether you're watching traffic buzz by from a sidewalk seat or mellowing out in the backyard terrace with a gelato, you will feel feel the heat here.
1441 South Park Street, 425-9535

Lion's Head Tavern
It's no frills, no fuss at this neighborhood joint. Serving up cheap and classic pub fare, get your fix before you roar into the microphone on karaoke nights with a sunburn.

3081 Robie Street, 455-0181

Ireland 32
The constant flood of motion on Quinpool makes it the ideal spot for people-creepers to unite. The front patio is a small one, so proudly snuggle in and snag a seat next to your fellow observer. Or if you're more into quiet time, check out patio number two---the backyard oasis.
6220 Quinpool Road, 444-7555

Julien's Patisserie Bakery & Cafe
Soak in the rays of summertime with Julien's charming backyard patio. Adorned with blooming flowers, this cafe is the perfect for an afternoon of conversation, lattes and warm croissants.
5517 Young Street, 455-9717

Just Us! Coffeehouse
By the time summer feels like gracing Halifax with its presence, everyone's begging for an extra shot of vitamin D with their caffeine. In the winter this java joint is a place of work for sleep deprived students, but in the summer months, its patio a place of well-received relaxation. This weather has bean a long time coming.
5896 Spring Garden Road, 423-0856

the Loose Cannon
This patio is the cornerstone of downtown's strip of watering holes on Argyle Street. Here, drinking copious single malt scotches in the sun in good company isn't far fetched when they're $5.50 a pop every Tuesday. Stay hydrated, right?

1556 Argyle Street, 407-8797

The Lower Deck
A seaside tavern like this one needs no introduction. It's the place to go whether your a local or visiting on business (the business of drinking, that is). With the ocean breeze keeping you cool under the blistering (okay, mild) Halifax sun, you can stay all day. But stock up on the sunscreen before you hit the deck---we don't need any more lobsters.

1887 Upper Water Street, 425-1501

Maxwell's Plum
Looking for a long, lean, ice-cold machine? Meet the Brewtender. If you're picky about your pints, you stumbled upon the right patio. This bar has over 60 beers on tap. But slow your roll midday with its Tuesday special---$2.99 burger platter with a Molson.

1600 Grafton Street, 423-5090

Authenticity is key when it comes to Scotian seafood, and over 30 years of service at McKelvie's can vouch for this. If this resto was any closer to the harbour, it would be in the water. But you can sip safely from its terrace.

1680 Lower Water Street, 421-6161

Mexicali Rosa's
Salt, tequila, lemon. Repeat. Nachos, salsa, eat. Repeat. A classic motto when sizzling on Mexi's rooftop oasis. Seriously guys, bring a hat (or sombrero) cause much like the Mexican spices, this place heats up. So cool down with a margarita after this long day of repetition, you've earned it.
5471 Spring Garden Road, 422-7672

Midpoint Coffee
If you're looking for a new spot to sip your joe, look no further, folks. Filling Second Cup's shoes, Midpoint's location is true to its name. A middle ground for all southenders, this hideaway patio is the perfect meeting spot for a downtown hang.
5425 Spring Garden Road, 407-2244

Morris East
The brand new patio at Morris East enables pizza patrons to feast on wood-fired pies under the blue skies. At night, enjoy your za with a glass of prosecco under the moon.

5212 Morris Street, 444-4663

Murphy's Cable Wharf Restaurant
This boathouse-style restaurant will have you thinking your life is aquatic. With a patio resting above the water, you finally get the ocean view you can't afford. Tuck in your bib, folks, it's lobster time.

1751 Lower Water Street, 420-1015

Nectar Restaurant and Wine Bar
What better way to gather than over the grape's nectar? This restaurant and wine bar boasts casual fine dining, granting its patrons a more secluded afternoon away from drunken patio hoppers. Pair this classy comfort with a glass of vino.

65 Ochterloney Street, 406-3363
click to enlarge Niche Lounge - RILEY SMITH
  • Niche Lounge
  • Riley Smith

Niche Lounge
Smack-dab in the middle of Barrington, a massive patio awaits those thirsty for a drink and a deal. Plus for your World Cup crazies, they've got a monster screen outside. After 4pm every day, cocktails, wine and well shots take it easy on your bank account. Cheapest beer in the city---enough said.

1505 Barrington Street, 423-6632

Obladee, a wine bar
The Beatles once said it and we'll say it again, life goes on. Swirl, sip and savour a glass of grape on this snug terrace. Trust the folks at Obladee to choose the perfect vino that's sure to please your palate. Pair some cheese with that wine and settle in.

1600 Barrington Street, 405-4505

Old Port Pub
At a place that has drink specials for days in the most literal sense---there are different deals for every single day of the week---it goes without saying this boozin' Burnside staple really heats up in the summer. Literally AND figuratively.

900 Windmill Road, 404-7678

The Old Triangle Irish Ale House
The self-proclaimed Celtic heart of the Maritimes, invites the old, the new and all those looking for a good time. With live music seven nights a week, The Old Triangle takes the rip-roaring kitchen party to the patio.

5136 Prince Street, 492-4900

With a fancy-schmancy set-up on Argyle Street comes a glorious patio, complete with comfy seating and heaters for those sipping cocktails under the night sky. A place this chic is best paired with sun-kissed cheeks.

1580 Argyle Street, 428-5680

Pavia Gallery
Want some art with that killer coffee? Escape to this espresso bar-gallery hybrid in Herring Cove to get your fill of local and foreign artistry from behind a cup of authentic Italian and a muffin, baked in-house.

995 Herring Cove Road, 407-4008

Piatto Pizzeria + Enoteca
When the sun hits your eyes, like a Napoli pizza pie, that's amoré. That's how the song goes, right? Tucked to the side of the restaurant, you can slurp spaghetti into kisses, bite into a slice and sip vino al fresco.

5144 Morris Street, 406-0909

Pizza Delight
What a delight to dodge paying a pretty penny. With $4 drinks 24/7 it's easy- peasy to get a little breezy on this tiny patio. Soak up your boozy beverages with some pizza, or slather some specialty butters on the complimentary bread. Please grill responsibly.

5680 Spring Garden Road, 455-0990

The Red Stag
They may not take your order in Gaelic, but this pub keeps Maritime tradition alive. The Stag's rooftop patio grants guests a bird's eye view of the waterfront, onward. Sip on some ice cold Keith's in the sun, just avoid calling upon passersby below, they may get a glimpse up your waiter's kilt.
1496 Lower Water Street, 422-0275

Resto Urban Dining
One of Bedford's newest eateries, a family-run, family-friendly spot offers double the pleasure, and double the sun with TWO patios, both a street-level hot spot and a rooftop, sun-catching escape.
1516 Bedford Highway, 832-1088

Ristorante a Mano
Stowed away in Bishop's Landing, this modest Italian terrace-style patio might have you thinking you're in the great land itself. After a few glasses (or bottles) of red, you may feel the need to practice your Italian on your all-too-polite waiter. Grazie and buonanotte.

1477 Lower Water Street, 423-6266

Rocco's Restaurant
True Italian cuisine is best served outdoors, and when the weather permits, these Dartmouth digs have a great set-up. Tan and black sails act as a sun roof to keep your skin as smooth as a baby's bottom. Take that UV!

250 Baker Drive, 461-0211

Rogues Roost
Some stuff into Starbucks, waiting on a latte made with too much milk. Others stuff onto the little patio at Rouges Roost for the midday pint, and we say they're the clever ones.

5435 Spring Garden Road, 492-2337

Picture this: It's summer. The sun begins its descent behind the harbour as you crack into a fresh lobster tail. A gulp of your wine makes you feel as alive as that lobster was just moments before. Your server is hot. Perfection.

1869 Upper Water Street, 423-6818

Sawadee Tea House
Get spoiled with Sawadee's "expert-teas" in selecting leaves from around the world. You've found a cozy spot to get warmed by both rays and a perfectly steeped cup of comfort.
1871 Granville Street, 422-4192

Seaport Farmers' Market
Look up, wayyyyy up, above the labyrinth that is pier-side market and you'll find one of the best views of the harbour, ever. Though the sweet smells and smiling vendors do get the cool summer breeze flowing through the building, there is very little that tops a retreat to the roof.
1209 Marginal Road, 492-4043

The Split Crow
Every Saturday since the beginning of time (OK, that part's not true) beer-thirsty peeps have piled onto The Split Crow's patio when the clock strikes 11---in the morning. This all-too-real tradition of beers for breakfast is a Splitties staple. In the late afternoon the pub starts pumping out $2.50 beers while the band plays, so you better cancel those tentative afternoon plans.

1855 Granville Street, 422-4366

Wakey, wakey get your eggs and bakey on the deck you don't have at home. Well, if you can snag a seat. Relax and soak in your cup of pick-me-up, tucked away from the hustlers and bustlers of the early morn.
1536 Brunswick Street, 429-3034

The Stubborn Goat
The folks at The Goat are a collaborative bunch, both on the menu and the dining experience. At this farm-to-table Gastropub, you're sure to find a little bit of everything and they encourage you to share it. Gather your beer-loving buds and go splits on their delicious small plates. Coming soon, next-door neighbour Scanway Bakery and its rooftop access. 

1579 Grafton Street, 405-4554

Venture into a quietly quaint backyard terrace at Tess. Strung with lights and sheltered, things get a little romantic on a breezy night or shaded on a sunny day. Renowned for the French inspired brunch, treat yourself with a specialty crepe.

5687 Charles Street, 406-3133

While the indoor atmosphere is tough to beat—it's a cozy and romantic escape from, well, everything—enjoying a perfect pie and a glass of wine of this patio is still an utter delight. The food alone could convince you you're dining on some Italian terrace.

Tom's Little Havana
Just removed from the chaos of Spring Garden, there this cozy bar's cozy patio. Whatever your vice, you are free to indulge here on the wee sidewalk strip, where an afternoon lunch date has the potential to evolve into a night of drinking.

5428 Doyle Street, 423-8667

Your Father's Moustache
When it comes to choosing the perfect patio, you must ask yourself one question. Where am I going to get the most sun for the longest period of time? The answer is always YFM. Sipping on a specialty drink or a Rockbottom brew, on this substantial rooftop patio, it is easy forget you're downtown.
5686 Spring Garden Road, 423-6766

Waterfront Warehouse
Dive in, seafood lovers, this restaurant reels in classic Maritime eats every day. We don't suggest taking a dip in the harbour after a day in the sun, but it sure is nice to gaze at.

549 Lower Water Street, 425-7610

The Wooden Monkey
Although both restos have very different views and vibes, all Wooden Monkeys are created equal. The decision is whether you want to munch your locally sourced goodness watching the people go by, or the boats.

1707 Grafton Street, 444-3844 & 40 Alderney Drive, 466-3100

Did we miss someone? It's possible...there are lots and lots of patios around town. Comment below if your fave isn't on this list.

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