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Beauty: Go with the flow 

Big and bouncy or sleek and smooth, it’s possible let your hair down and keep it under control on your wedding day.

While updos have tended to be the go-to wedding hairstyle, lately more blushing brides are letting loose. But the airy and delicate appearance of free-flowing locks requires preparation, especially in fickle-weathered Nova Scotia.

Teresa Fisher, a stylist at Thumpers Salon, says a consultation with your stylist-to-be is crucial: “We need to know what your hair is like!” Letting your stylist get to know your mane can help sort out details that vary from bride to bride, like if you should shampoo the day before your wedding or whether your hair holds curls. When it comes to picking a style options are endless. Headbands, barrettes and French braids are just a few of the ways to keep your hair out of your face and reflect your personal taste. Fisher says it all comes down to texture and imagination. “From perfection to disheveled, tight to loose, matte to high gloss, there’s a major mesh of era representation going in with hairstyles. Knowing what you like and knowing what you don’t like is incredibly helpful in pin pointing the style that you jive best with.”

To ensure lasting power, or just for peace of mind, it never hurts to have a mini can of professional hairspray on hand. And you can always request that your stylist uses anti-humidity spray to fight the dreaded frizz. “It’s all about the right product, truly,” says Fisher. “Oh, and keep your paws out of your ’do, or else.”

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