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  • Mar 19-25, 2009
  • Vol. 16, No. 43
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Arts + Culture

  • The Best Worst Movie

    Sometimes a movie hurts so bad, it feels good. Like Troll 2, voted one of the worst films ever made.

Food + Drink

Love the way we bitch

  • Tabby Genocide

    To the fucking twats that have hit two cats on Summit Street in the past 5 days- a big, fat FUCK YOU! Do you not have the fucking courtesy to at least knock on SOMEBODY'S door, or even to just fucking stop?! It's a small neighbourhood- someone will know who's cat you just massacred. And slow the fuck down! There's kids here, too. Will you stop and ask around when you hit one of them?! ---sad
  • Who Am I Now?

    My son grew up and left home. Nobody warned me he'd take my entire identity and all of my happiness with him... and he's so far away. What am I if not Mom? Nobody warned me about this. I hate my life now. Why don't we hear about this from other women before we think procreation is a good thing? It's horrible! I don't even want to feel better about it. I raised a great kid who's independent. I'm considered a success by my peers. I feel I've died inside. WTF? ---wasAmom


  • Joy Ryder

    Serena Ryder's Is It O.K. was born out of personal loss, but she hopes her music will bring "peace of mind or peace of heart" to others.
  • U2

    No Line on the Horizon (Vertigo)

News + Opinion

  • Outside the Lines Moving Down the Street

    After four-and-a-half years, the Outside The Lines: Books For Critical Minds (6297 Quinpool, 422-3544) bookstore is picking up its political texts, guides, children's books, quality fiction and free-thinking tomes, and moving a few doors east, to the former location of Kung Fu T-Shirts. "My lease was almost up, the building was sold, there was a rent increase," says owner Bob Haywood, offering reasons for the change of address. "The usual sorts of things." In our hazy memory of the t-shirt and kitch shop that was Kung Fu, it seemed a lot smaller than the current location of Outside The Lines.
  • Victims of the Herald

    Halifax Herald staff reductions result in 24 jobs lost, 24 lives disrupted. But their pain is only the beginning of the pain for the community.
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  • Streetcar desires

    We used to have trams in Halifax. We used to make them here, too. Who wouldn't want to ride the rails again?
  • Safe words

    If you and your partner want to enact rape fantasies, make sure to lay down ground rules: safe words, written consent; even better, record the agreement, just so everyone knows the boundaries.
  • Bad bus drivers

    An epidemic of bad press about its drivers causes Metro Transit to re-evaulate driver training.
  • Abandon all cash

    Have you contested a parking ticket recently? Here's how it works. There should be a sign above the door leading into court that reads "Abandon hope, all ye who enter here."
  • Classical gets a pass

    Why does The Coast operate on the assumption that most of your readers are not interested in classical music.

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